Our Services

Accident Repairs

Our partner on-site Bodyshop is approved by major manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, BMW and Volkswagen. We work on all brands of cars despite specialising in the prestige and sports car segment. We strive to achieve the highest quality repair. We would be delighted to carry out an appraisal of your vehicle and provide a quote for any repair. We are also able to refurb any type of alloy wheels.

Recovery Truck services

We offer both an open and totally covered recovery truck service for collection and deliveries across Europe. Additionally, we are able to arrange shipping and air freight for cars that need to be shipped overseas.

After Care

We have handpicked selected car dealers from all brands which we use for car servicing based on their reliability and customer service. We are able to collect your car and have it serviced by one of our selected dealers representing your car’s marque. We check your car on collection and prior to delivery to you to ensure the car has been serviced correctly, the invoice is representative and fair for the work performed and if requested by the customer, we will wash and detail your car before we bring it back to you. If you are interested in having us handle the after care then please enquire and we will let you know our fees.

Vehicle Sourcing

If you are looking for a particular specification for your next car, we able to assist in sourcing it through our trade contacts and the general market.